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Rahul Mohindar's RMO ATM 2.0 featuring the PowerScreener

RMO ATM 2.0 with PowerScreener from Rahul Mohindar - Annual Subscription. Helps today’s trader with automated analysis and trade detection.

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The RMO ATM 2.0 featuring the PowerScreener is the latest technical analytis trading solution from Rahul Mohindar. This premium suite of methodologies are engineered to help today’s trader with automated analysis and trade detection.

Annual Subscription

With a blend of both breakout and counter trend strategies, coupled with powerful automated scanning the RMO ATM 2.0 ensures that you won’t miss trend breakouts and reversals. To enhance performance, the systems go beyond using just price and factor in volume and volatility as important components.

The studies, indicators and strategies help you trade with a more disciplined, rule-based approach. The indicators are aimed at being effective... and above all simple.

The RMO ATM 2.0 for MetaStock

In this brief introduction Rahul Mohindar introduces his latest add-on for MetaStock software – the RMO ATM 2.0 featuring the PowerScreener.

Rapid yet automatic hands-free trade detection is a must in today markets, so included with the RMO ATM 2.0 the new ATM PowerScreener app. This is an exclusive quote window powered with automatic LIVE scanners for over a score of indicators. In addition it’s built with voice and email alerts that help you focus on opportunities and improve your trading results.

The unique alert mechanisms are groundbreaking! They include both email alerts and more popularly VOICE ALERTS for 29 different indicators. Yes, alerts that talk to you even when you are not looking at your computer!

The specialty tools included in the RMO ATM 2.0 even help you detect sideways zones which protect you from typical whipsaws. It also gauges volatility which is essential to the Options trader.

With it’s exclusive studies designed around volume data paired with its proprietary detection methodologies, the RMO ATM 2.0 gives clear signals on the upcoming trade opportunities.

The PowerScreener also includes powerful real-time alerts for all of the included ATM strategies and indicators, you can also search for precise RMO Trade Model setups – including 3D Buy and Sell setups that you can trade on the spot!

In addition, we’ve included PowerScreener provides a host of fields and signals ranging from Candlestick Patterns, Bollinger Bands, Moving Average Crossovers, MACD, RSI & Stochastic setups!

Simply put, the PowerScreener allows you to focus on the trade, rather than just the analysis.

The PowerScreener can run in conjunction with MetaStock or by itself. It's designed to be your Go To Screen, with a quote board that monitors instruments in real time based on the indicators you choose. It can also be used on any asset class and any time frame. You can even use multiple time frames. It even has features like auto sorting that can track gainers / losers and also keeps track of how much money you are making or losing on a trade. This allows you to confirm your trades with the matching Expert Advisors in MetaStock.

The PowerScreener is amazingly flexible. It allows you to scan your custom stock list on indicators you choose, and on your preferred timeframes!

In addition to the PowerScreener, The RMO ATM 2.0 also includes a full add-on for MetaStock featuring six trading methodologies that Rahul employs. It includes:

  • 10 indicators
  • 7 templates
  • 6 Expert Advisers
  • 11 Explorations

Built on a foundation of both Breakout and Counter-Trend trade types, RMO ATM 2.0 add-on offers the dual benefit of a lag where needed, with the responsiveness of a leading indicator in the event of sudden reversals.

Over and above breakout models based on a variety of well coordinated strategies, tremendous relevance and weight have been given to aspects such as volume and volatility. In addition this version of RMO ATM includes a brand new system called the ATM SWI (Strength Weakness Index) where the primary ingredient for trend detection is volume.

In addition, a multiple time frame trend detector setup has been added. The ATM Trend Decider. This triple-indicator suite is designed to give you a clear understanding of the trend while confirming with multiple time frames.

Also updated was Rahul's beloved Rahul Mohindar Oscillator system. This system has added a color coded filter on the RMO which will helps you identify the strength of the underlying trend. It's a big enhancement to one of Rahul's famous systems.

Most of the trading methods include commentaries to help you learn the setups. Also included are Explorations to help you discover the trend of the stocks that are being followed.

Systems Summaries:

ATM Breakout Catcher

The ATM Breakout Catcher is a trend-following system that looks for breakouts in the trend. It color codes the bars as well as marks vertical lines to suggest where the market is breaking out. Best of all, it’s backed with Expert Commentary, Prebuilt Style Templates, and Explorations as well as a Live PowerScreener that sends mail and voice alerts to you live, as the market breaks out!

The ATM Breakout Catcher is best complemented by the ATM Zone Detector & Zone Fill. The indicators blend volume and volatility and spell out if the market is Dormant / Sideways or Active or Hyperactive! With Zone Detection many corrective moves are not misinterpreted as breakouts and above all they help you avoid trading the market in sideways or dormant zones.

Automated Trend Modules Counter Trend Indicator:

If you’re style is top / bottom picking, the ATM Counter Trend indicator is a great tool for you! It’s designed to automatically stamp Buy and Sell signals on the chart based on price breakouts from zones of high volume and / or high volatility. A sharp yet automated signaling method that works best when viewed with a counter trend approach.


The ATM RMO II is a new take on the famous RMO system. It combines the indicators of the RMO with new indicators to identifies the current established trend with ease yet taking out a lag effect where need be. What’s best is the RMO II lets you tactically detect trading opportunities that fit your trading style.

Options traders have been a huge fan of this setup as they find the RMO II exceptionally helpful to buy Call Options in a falling market and Put Options in a Rising market! The comprehensive commentary combines the ATM Breakout Catcher, Zone Detect, RMO to into a single super system.


While the majority indicators work purely off price to detect trend change, the new ATM SWI (Strength Weakness Index) uses volume as its key ingredient to gauge Strength and Weakness. This makes it a must have on the chart. It’s very visual as an indicator. A stock is bullish if above the SWI line and bearish below it! To best exploit the indicator, also provided is inbuilt expert commentary, explorations and live PowerScreeners!

New ! ATM Trend Decider Suite

The all NEW TrendDecider Suite comprises of a set of 3 indicators: Trend Decider Daily, Trend Decider Monthly and Trend Decider Weekly.

The Objective of the TrendDecider suite is to combine multiple time frames to arrive at 3 key levels of Support / Resistance. These levels are then combined together into a rule based model that clearly helps you identify the current trend and also alert you on a trend change / reversal.


This is an update to Rahul's famous RMO system. This gives you the same great signals that RMO offers, but applies an all new filtering mechanism via an expert that plots 4 different colors (light blue, blue, orange, red).

Primarily, the colors help us gauge the quality of the trend and signal. However another key objective is to provide a smoothening effect on the RMO by eliminating several minor market whipsaws.

Important note:

The PowerScreener will only function with an active subscription to Refinitiv XENITH. Real time exchanges are recommended for alerts features with PowerScrenner. All other functions of the RMO ATM 2.0 will work in both MetaStock D/C and MetaStock R/T.

Rahul Mohindar

About Rahul Mohindar

Rahul Mohindar is the director of Viratech Software and an active trader who appears regularly on CNBC India, CNN IBN, and CNBC Awaaz. Mr. Mohindar is a rising star among trading professionals. He developed the Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO for short) which detects trends in financial markets and is designed to work on Open-High-Low-Close charts for a wide variety of securities including stocks, commodities, and FOREX.

Mr. Mohindar is a rising star among trading professionals. He developed the Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO for short) which detects trends in financial markets and is designed to work on Open-High-Low-Close charts for a wide variety of securities including stocks, commodities, and FOREX.

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