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Winans Preferred Stock Toolbox

Winans Preferred Stock Toolbox

Determine the price trend, confirm the price trend, and determine the entry point... it's that simple!

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Analyze the market using the Winans International Preferred Stock Index (WIPSI)™!

Preferred stocks have historically been one of the best income investments on Wall Street, and the Winans International Preferred Stock Index (WIPSI) is the only index that benchmarks preferred stocks back to the 1900s. The WIPSI is an even-weighted index that consists of traditional preferred stocks of 30 U.S. companies. Now with Kenneth Winans’ new MetaStock add-on you too can take advantage of the (WIPSI) in YOUR analysis.

Why is it important to have an index for preferred stocks?

The simple answer is that investors are being exposed to individual preferred stocks on a daily basis, and they need a benchmark to monitor and evaluate the overall activity in the preferred stock market. After all, a common stock investor uses the S&P 500 Index or the Dow Jones Industrial Average to track the daily movements of common stocks.

The Winans Preferred Stock Toolbox allows you to do all the following:

  • Track preferred stocks since 1900 with the Winans International Preferred Stock Index (WIPSI)
  • Perform your own studies on the WIPSI
  • Select investments using relative strength of individual preferred stocks compared to the WIPSI
  • Identify the current yields of any preferred stock or corporate bond with the “Winans Chart”

This is a summary of the indicators, explorations, expert advisors, and templates included with Winans Preferred Stock Studies MetaStock add-on.

Indicators Included: Winans International Preferred Stock Index - Volume
Winans International Preferred Stock Index - Price
Winans International Preferred Stock Index - Yield
Winans International Preferred Stock Index - Ratio
Winans International Preferred Stock Price Ratio Study
Winans Chart Current Price & Yield
Explorations Included: WIPSI RSI below 30
Expert Advisors Included: WIPSI Expert
Templates Included:
Winans Chart
Kenneth G. Winans, CMT

About Kenneth G. Winans, CMT

Kenneth G. Winans, CMT, MBA is a successful investment management entrepreneur, an award-winning author, and an active philanthropist. For over 29 years, he has conducted landmark investment research and designed creative investment strategies while serving as a portfolio manager, investment analyst, broker, and investor. As one of today's top technical analysts, he is a regular guest on TV and radio shows nationwide and has had much of his investment research published as headline articles by leading websites, magazines, and newspapers.

He pioneered the development of several important investment indexes and technical indicators. In fact, The Winans International Preferred Stock Index (WIPSI) and the Winans International Real Estate Index (WIREI) (patent pending) are considered leading market indices in Wall Street publications and are used by major financial and academic institutions.

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